Jewelry made of cement and silver in architectural design.
Minimal series of jewelry made of solid semi-precious stones in geometrical shapes.
Jewelry made of silver and semi-precious stones in a linear design.


EXURBIA jewelry is a creative merger of art, technique, and architecture. Urban planning serves as the inspiration in order for the jewels to transcend beauty norms and touch a new area of originality, where love for geometry, unexpected semi-precious stones, solid constructions and timeless hard materials such as silver and cement can be found. EXURBIA unfolds outside the safety zone of design and suggests new interpretations of contemporary minimalism. Each unique, handmade piece evokes a visual city form and transmutes the urban element into artistic creation. As a reflection of everyday life, EXURBIA connects familiarity with what remains unknown, thus showcasing subversion as the ideal means of expression.


Christina’s and Argyro’s 15-year collaboration in the field of handmade jewelry resulted in the creation of EXURBIA. With a degree in computer science and in language and literature respectively, they chose to combine their knowledge and references in order to build something multifaceted and completely self-expressive. In 2019, in the outskirts of Igoumenitsa, they constructed their own lab, which they equipped with all the right means so that it gives life to their ideas and aesthetics. Their love for cement as a material that combines roughness with malleability led them to a series of long-lasting studies and experiments, which ultimately provided their work with a signature quality. Architectural design infused EXURBIA’s character with minimalist, elegant lines, while semi-precious stones along with custom silver details give EXURBIA jewelry the trait of solid aesthetic bits.

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