EXURBIA strives to provide the best quality of jewelry using unique semi-precious stones, handcrafted cement pieces and resistant sterling silver 925 along with the finest gold, platinum and rhodium plating products available on the market. However, the longevity of jewelry highly depends on the care and attention given to it both while wearing it and while storing it.

Perfumes, deodorants, hair dyes, hairsprays, nail polish removers, lotions, oils, antiseptics, shower gels, shampoos, cleaning products, salty water and chlorine can all have an impact on the plating, the semi-precious stones and the cement pieces as well. Plating is very delicate and can be darkened or discolored if it comes across elements like these. At the same time, semi-precious stones are naturally porous and may become dull when in contact with the aforementioned elements.

To preserve the shine of your jewelry:
• Remove it before applying moisturizing lotions, perfumes, hair sprays, antiseptics, hair dyes etc., showering, swimming and generally before engaging in any kind of sports activities.
• When you take it off, jewelry pieces should be stored individually, preferably in the provided EXURBIA box and fabric pouch, in order to avoid abrasion caused by pieces rubbing against each other.
• Avoid dragging or impacting the semi-precious stones or the handcrafted cement pieces onto hard surfaces as this may result in scratches and breakages.
• When not worn, fasten the chains of your jewelry to avoid these getting tangled.

Last, note that each piece is unique to the craftsmanship process and therefore natural streaking, veins or simple colour differences in the semi-precious stones may occur.

For further queries, please contact us anytime at or 6975858332 / 6939222630 from Monday to Friday, 9:00-14:00. We are dedicated to make your experience with EXURBIA the best it can be!

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