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EXURBIA re-introduces the cement through a different light and presents its first collection of jewelry of architectural aesthetics. The adaptability of the material enables the attribution of form and texture to each of the cement bit of the collection and presents cement in its most linear version touching a new realm of minimalism. The Solid Aesthetic Bits of EXURBIA could not have been given their unique value without enthusiasm, dedication, diligent work by hand and emphasis on detail.

The custom details made of 925 silver accompanying the cement bits came to delineate the true value of EXURBIA jewelry. These details are customized to the geometric design of the brand touching the gray color of the cement and giving it shine and luxury. The plating applied to the silver pieces gives them the desired color and helps with preventing oxidation.

The Earthy bits are created from pieces of semi-precious stones which also follow the geometric design of the brand. Amazonite, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, configure the color code of EARTHY and ENTROPY collections. The subversive combinations of EXURBIA bits with 925 silver chains provide the artworks with an originality signature.

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