Exurbia΄s world

“Know us better”

Exurbia jewelry is an ode to minimalism. Small, linear works of art making an indirect reference to the urban environment of the modern era. The collections of the brand include discreet neck jewelry which can upgrade any outfit, even the most neutral one, with their originality and luxury. Impressive handmade necklaces with unique design, high-quality construction and special aesthetics which can accompany you delicately day and night.

The Combo Collection refers to the aesthetics of brutality. All the silver jewelry in the collection is combined with solid pieces of cement which have been given the desired shape and texture with persistent and diligent work by hand. The refined geometric approach of the materials infuses our creations with harmony and luxury and signs the authenticity of the solid aesthetic bits of Exurbia. Exurbia jewelry is bold, handmade with architectural interest which suits everyone. Hence, we do not separate our works into women’s jewelry and men’s jewelry.

In the Entropy collection we combined semi-precious stones of excellent quality and cut with custom details made of 925 silver. The simple design as well as the simplicity of the materials make every piece of jewelry of this collection an everyday and easy-to-wear accessory, which can give a new, more modern and at the same time elegant style to your outfit.

The Earthy collection is an anthem to less is more. The boldly abstract necklaces of the collection are distinguished for their clean forms, beautiful colors and minimal aesthetics. It is addressed to all those who seek simplicity and luxury in their stylistic choices.

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